Lowes Closet Organizers – Affordable Means To Prevent Clutter

You can never go wrong about getting Lowes Closet Organizers for your home. Lowes is, after all, known for its reasonable pricing and quality products. They are good at looking for manufacturers that can offer a good and reasonable price to Lowes’ own consumers.

Prices aside, your home can never have enough organizing. Each year you will be surprised at how many useful things you have accumulated but are just hard to store. And if you do not know how to choose the right organizer for certain things, your organizers will end up needing organizing, too. But if you understand what organizers are and know how to choose the best organizers that will fit your needs, you can utilize the organizer you bought for your home efficiently.

Importance of Choosing the Right Closet Organizers

Some closets at home have shelves and cabinets mounted on the wall. That would seem capable enough of accommodating things you need to put in your closet. But this will depend entirely on what you put inside your closet. You would probably put your folded clothes, linens, blankets, bed sheets and the lot there. You will also want to hang your clothes, belts and bags. Some will also put their shoes in the closet. All of these things have different sizes, from whole dresses to your little pieces of clothing such as handkerchiefs or undergarments.

Each of these things in the closet will need space that is just right for their size. Just like with a dress, you would like a place in your closet where you can hang it without crumpling due to overlapping with other objects in the closet. You need to have these things in mind when choosing Closet Organizers at Lowes.

If your closet already has mounted cabinets and shelves in your closet walls, it is not necessary to have organization systems. Closet organizers like corner shelves, extra shelves or horizontal storage will suffice. But if you have a small area turned into a closet, you need to have a closet organization system to accommodate all the things you will likely put inside your closet. Buying numerous pieces of organizers will do you no good in fitting everything inside systematically.

Advantages of a Systematic Closet Organization

Arranging the things inside your closet will only be systematic if you have selected just the right organizers for them.  If you have not chosen the right tool, you will have to deal with your closet mess every day. Here are the things that a closet system can do for you.

1. You will realize that your closet is really not that small. All of a sudden, everything can fit in. Good closet systems often have trays to put small stuff in, horizontal storage for shoes or bags and some place for belts to hang. There will be no empty space, wall or floor alike, in closet with efficient and effective organizers.

2. All your things can be placed inside impeccably making your closet look very nice. This is good especially if you already have an idea beforehand what you are going to put inside your closet, or that you have determined the size of your shelves or hangers needed.

3. Make small things easier to find. A systemized closet will mean that you have everything put into place and there is a place for everything. This way, small things like handkerchiefs and socks will be easier to find.

Lowes have wonderful designs for complete closet organization, from clothes and belt hangers to mounted shelves perfect for small spaces or walk-in closets. The most popular closet organization systems at Lowes that provide a complete storage area are the following:

  • Rubbermaid 6′ to 10′ White Wire Closet Organizer with a rate of 4.7 out of 5 stars from Lowes own consumer. This is one of Lowes Closet Organizers that are made of wire that is mounted on the wall. It features telescoping rods and flexible shelves that can be expanded or shrunk from 6 feet to 10 feet to fit your closet. This is best for reach-in or walk-in closets.
  • ClosetMaid 5′ – 8′ White Closet Organizer Kit is given a 4.58 rate by the consumers. Its shelf space can be up to 13.5 feet.
  • ClosetMaid White ShelfTrack Organizer Kit for 5′ – 8′ Closet. So far, four consumers from Lowes have given this closet organizer a perfect five star rate. The closet organizer can increase the storage area up to 10 feet.

How to Choose the Best Lowes Closet Organizers For Your Home

Do not just go and buy Lowes Closet Organizers without knowing what you need and want. It is better if you have some closet organization ideas in mind while choosing the best closet that will fit your needs perfectly.

Lowes Closet Organizers are often designed to fit any closet size. There are also flexible designs that can be reconfigured to fit into your closet so there is not great concern about the size. Lowes also offers a wide range of closet organizer prices. Rest assured you will find something you will like at the price you can afford.

The only remaining question would be, what else would you need to consider? There are at least three more things to consider.

  • First, you need to be sure you do not use your closet as a junk store. If you have things you do not use anymore or clothing items you have outgrown, you need to put them in a storage area, garage storage, maybe another closet, which will organize your old stuff that you do not want to throw away. No matter how good a closet organizer is, if it is not used as how it is supposed to be, then it will never keep your closet from getting messy. Either you get rid of your old stuff or have another place for them.
  • Second, you need to have some idea whether to go for prefabricated closets, wire closets or closet kits. Each can provide you with pros and cons. You have to see if these materials will be sturdy or practical for your closet needs. Ask Lowes sales agents as well for ideas on installing wire closets that will need to be mounted on the wall. You have to be sure you can, or someone at home, can install the closet organizer.
  • Lastly, you need to see to it that the closet organizer you decided to buy will be able to accommodate the things you plan to store in it. And remember, even for Lowes Closet Organizers, always stick to your budget as there is an imminent danger in spending more than what you have planned.